The University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Atmospheric Lidar Group Description:

We are interested in remote sensing of the atmosphere with a focus on aerosols and aerosol properties. We have a number of Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Facilities that allow us to make active measurements of the aerosols in the atmosphere. We have a surface based instruments to measure light scattering and particulate mass. We also utilize passive instruments on satellites to look at the regional variability and development of aerosols.


      US Air Quality

      • The USAQ Smog Blog is a daily diary of U.S air quality. We use information from satellites, ground-based lidar, EPA monitoring networks, and other monitors to provide evidence of air quality events across the U.S. The Smog Blog has postings 365 days a year.


      • The DISCOVER-AQ mission (NASA website) is a venture-class project involving three NASA laboratories and numerous co-investigators. UMBC particpates with ground-based monitoring from UMAP and provides quicklook data in real-time for project flight following on this page.


      • The UMBC Monitoring of Atmospheric Particulates (UMAP) project maintains a supersite of remote sensing instrumentation on the Physics Building of the UMBC campus.

      MDE Low Level Jet Profiling Project

      • We are funded by the Maryland Department of Environment to profile nocturnal jet events in the Baltimore region with a view to assessing potential for poor air quality on following days.


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    Current Group Members (email use after the usernames):

Raymond M. Hoff (hoff) 
Kevin McCann (kmccann) 
Ruben Delgado (delgado) 
Amy Huff (huffa {at}
Tim Berkoff (berkoff) 
Hai Zhang (hazhang)
John Sullivan (jsull1)
Patricia Sawamura (psawamura)
Daniel Orozco (danielorozco)
Jaime Compton (jcompton1) 

Alexandra St. Pé (alexstpe{at}