September 15, 2010

Second GALION workshop, WMO, Geneva 20-23 September 2010

World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Workshop Program and Agenda

The Second GAW Aerosol Lidar Observation Network (GALION) Workshop will be convened at the WMO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland on 20-23 September 2010.

The workshop focus will be on the implementation of GALION mainly around four activities/working groups: i) technology and methodology; ii) quality assurance (for both instruments and data processing); iii) database (interoperability among the existing different lidar databases); iv) user needs (model evaluation and data assimilation; validation programs for current and next satellite missions).

The mission of GALION is to organize the observational capability for the 4-dimensional distribution of key aerosol parameters at global scale.

The specific objective of GALION is to provide the vertical component of this distribution through advanced laser remote sensing in a network of ground-based stations globally distributed. The aerosol properties to be observed will include the identification of aerosol layers, profiles of directly measured optical properties (backscatter and extinction coefficients at selected wavelengths, lidar ratio, Ängström coefficients, particle depolarization ratios) and indirectly inferred properties (e.g., profiles of light-absorption and single-scattering albedo), aerosol type (e.g. dust, maritime, fire smoke, urban haze), and microphysical properties (e.g., volume and surface concentrations, size distribution parameters, refractive index). Observations will be made with sufficient coverage, resolution, and accuracy to establish a comprehensive aerosol climatology, to evaluate model performance, to assist and complement space-borne observations, and to provide input to forecast models of "chemical weather".

GALION is based on the cooperation between existing lidar networks (ALINE, AD-Net, CIS-LINET, CORALNet, EARLINET, NDACC, REALM/CREST, and MPLNET).

The second GALION workshop will be co-located with the EARLINET-ASOS Symposium and the 10th Anniversary Celebration of EARLINET (20 September 2010). GALION is pleased to have the sponsorship of WMO, ESA, NASA, IMAA/CNR and UMBC for this meeting. Limited travel support is available to personnel representing GALION networks or GAW Partners. Contact the organizers at the email addresses below to request travel support (deadline: June 30, 2010).


Dr. L.A. Barrie (
Dr. Liisa Jalkanen (
Dr Slobodan Nickovic (

GALION Co-chairs:

Dr. Gelsomina Pappalardo (
Dr. Raymond Hoff (

Final Agenda (with links to papers presented)

List of Attendees

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