Instrument Description

The EZLIDAR ALS-450 is a compact, portable, eye-safe elastic lidar system developed by the Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique and Leosphere. The commercial system utilizes a tripled pulse laser source Nd:YAG at 355nm wavelength that operates at a 20Hz repetition rate to generate high temporal and spatial (one minute and 15m, respectively) resolution of the troposphere. Retrieved aerosol backscatter and extinction are used to derive variations of the atmospheric structure and transport, gaining knowledge of aerosol radiative properties needed to evaluate the effects of particle pollution on climate and air quality.

The EZLIDAR is also equipped with 3D scanning capabilities, providing volumetric measurements of aerosol profiles over any specific location. This key feature allows for the estimation of flux intensities when studying the radiative transfer budget and atmospheric pollutants dispersion. This system provides precise measurements in regions of the lower troposphere above suburban/urban environments, which would be inaccessible to either aircraft or tethered balloons. Figure 1 shows an image of the ALS-450 unit .

Figure 1: Leosphere EZLIDAR ALS-450