June 6, 2005

The Start of a Hazy Day

Well it looks like we are going to have a hazy day folks! Summer conditions [high temperatures (intense sunlight) + specific chemical constituents + humid conditions = haze] help perpetuate the hazy conditions which we are so used to this time of year. Particulates like sulfates and nitrates absorb water and grow, sometimes tripling in size affecting our visibility and contributing to haze. So you're probably wondering what is our relative humidity. The MET station at UMBC estimates 81% relative humidity. Yes, this is a “clammy” day so make sure you are in a cool comfortable place.

The skyline of downtown Baltimore is extremely obscured due to the hazy conditions (right image taken @ 8:00am). Ray R. started running the Polar Elf Lidar system early this morning (7:00am) and will post his results later in the day. The images below were taken at 8:15am (NPS Washington D.C Webcam) and 8:00am (UMBC ALG Webcam) respectively. Current ozone is 3ppb and PM2.5 ~ 26.0 ug/m^3, which means “moderate” air quality conditions. Stay linked to the blog for a report on the nations air quality.

Posted by Nikisa Jordan at June 6, 2005 8:21 AM