August 1, 2007

ID and MT smoke over Baltimore

Today at UMBC, we are seeing smoke from the Idaho and the Montana fires. According to the ELF live Lidar profile, the smoke layer is located between 7 km and 9 km.

ELF lidar profile

As seen on the HYSPLIT backward trajectories below, the air masse reaching the lidar FOV mainly came from the northwest. However, as we mentioned yesterday, the haze is most likely a mixture of both northwestern and Canada smoke.

HYSPLIT trajectories. The map on the left has integrated Landsat images from GoogleEarth

According to the Idaho Forest Fires website, there still are several active fires in Idaho and a few adjacent states. The following map from the USDA Forest Service shows the fires in yellow dot. The map was generated using today's MODIS and GOES fire data and the AVHRR data from July 30th.

USDA fire and GASP maps

Also, this morning's GASP image beautifully shows the haze extending from the Great Lakes region to the state of Maryland. The GASP map generated with GOES west data indicates that there is elevated AOD (~1.0) over the northwest. Note that there is some lingering haze in the south.

Stay tuned to see what the MODIS true color images and IDEA maps will show this afternoon.

Posted by Kamonayi Y. Mubenga at August 1, 2007 1:40 PM