August 1, 2007

Three Dimensional Air Quality System

We would like to announce that the website for the 3D- Air Quality System is up.

The 3D-AQS project applies existing NASA aerosol optical depth products and imagery from the Terra/Aqua (MODIS, AIRS) and Aura (OMI) satellites, NOAA's GOES (GASP), the CALIPSO LIDAR, and ground based lidar (REALM, MPLNet) to provide a more complete picture of the aerosol concentrations over the U.S. These data are combined in near real time in the Integrating satellite Data from Environmental Applications (IDEA) product, which is being migrated to an operational environment within NOAA NESDIS in 2007.

Please visit the 3D-AQS website for more information.

Posted by Kamonayi Y. Mubenga at August 1, 2007 2:53 PM