February 11, 2008

Many fires in the South & California Haze…

Skies are very clear in most of the East, but many fires are present in the South (left image). A large fire event was particularly noticeable in North Carolina (right image). In fact, this plume of smoke (AOD~0.4) is due to several brush fires that have been fueled by dry conditions and strong winds; several thousand acres have already been consumed throughout the state (source: UPI.com; archived here). Please refer to the NASA Earth observatory for more on this story. Also, refer to the HMS product for identification of all hotspots. The surface air quality remains mostly good in this region.

(zoom out of North Carolina)

Air quality conditions, which ranged from moderate to unhealthy (16 < PM2.5-ug/m3 < 150), are poor in California (AOD). Moderate air quality was also reported, earlier today, for parts of the Pacific Northwest. The air quality will probably remain the same over the next few days (source EPA AIRNow: National Outlook)

Posted by Nikisa Jordan at February 11, 2008 7:31 PM
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