June 14, 2008

Smoke fanning out of the east coast and further inland over California

Both today’s MODIS AQUA True color image (top left) and NOAA’s HMS analysis (top right) show that smoke remains over Maryland, New jersey and Connecticut but is already fanning out over the Atlantic. The additional information provided by MODIS AQUA’s infrared channel 31 helps distinguish haze from clouds over the area of interest. Smoke induced strong AOD values along the east coast from Maryland to southern New Hampshire (between 0.8 and 1 at 550 nm) as observed on the MODIS AQUA AOD map (bottom left). It is unfortunately impossible to link the total load of particles on the vertical (AOD) to the particulate matter (PM) at the ground as today’s EPA Airnow’s PM values are not available.

Today’s NOAA HMS map still shows smoke over California. This can also clearly be observed on the MODIS AQUA true color image. When comparing today’s and June 12’s HMS map (see June 12’s post), the smoke plume seems covering a greater area further inland. According to the IDEA’s GASP AOD, pressure and wind trajectories forecast (bottom right), the particles are expected to reach Nevada in the next 2 days due to southeasterly winds.

Note that the large smoke plume shown on the HMS map over Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota is not clearly observed on the MODIS AQUA true color image and the area around lake Michigan does not show large MODIS AOD values (lower than 0.4 at 550 nm).

Posted by Meloe Kacenelenbogen at June 14, 2008 8:13 PM
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