September 4, 2008

Unhealthy conditions in the upper east coast, tropical storm Hanna making landfall tomorrow

Today’s MODIS TERRA RGB image (top, left) shows strong lingering haze over the upper east coast and the Atlantic, offshore from North Carolina all the way to Maine. This leads to strong MODIS TERRA AOD values (top, right), especially over Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania (above 0.6 at 550 nm). This haze appears to be partly composed of fine particles and contained in a (well mixed?) atmospheric boundary layer as “unhealthy for sensitive groups” levels are measured today at the ground in the states previously mentioned (EPA AIRNow’s PM2.5 map, bellow, left). The same “Unhealthy for sensitive groups” levels are recorded on today’s EPA AIRNOw’s ozone level map (bellow, right).
Stay tuned to read what our ground-based LIDAR profile analyst, Ruben Delgado, has to say about the vertical distribution of aerosols over Baltimore, Maryland…

Poor air quality over the East coast will not last as the intense heat breaks down tomorrow, due to the landfall of tropical storm Hanna (clearly visible on today’s MODIS TERRA RGB image). According to forecasters at the National Hurricane Center, it is increasingly unlikely that Tropical Storm Hanna will strengthen to hurricane status before making landfall tomorrow.

Finally, the rest of the country shows mainly “good” air conditions, to the exception of California where PM2.5 levels are “moderate” and Ozone levels are “unhealthy for sensitive groups”.

Posted by Meloe Kacenelenbogen at September 4, 2008 6:55 PM
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