May 7, 2009

Smoke over Texas, offshore from south California and strong light extinction over Lake Michigan

Today’s TERRA AOD map (top, left) shows strong values over the Texan-Mexican border, offshore from Southern and Baja California and over Lake Michigan.

Over Mexico and Texas, those strong AOD values could be due to the many active fires in Central America reported yesterday. Some strong haze can be seen on today’s MODIS TERRA RGB image over the Texas-Mexican border near the Gulf of Mexico. This could be the reason for a lot of “moderate” air conditions over the area according to today’s EPA AIRNow’s PM2.5 map (top, right).

Today’s GASP AOD map, also shows strong extinction values offshore from Baja California. According to the SSD fire team at NOAA and today’s HMS map (bottom, left), “Residual smoke from the wildfire in Santa Barbara County has made it’s
way 500-700km south of the source. The light to moderately dense smoke
is moving to the south, paralleling the Baja of California.” This could lead to the “moderate” PM2.5 conditions over the area. Also, the ozone levels reached “unhealthy for sensitive groups” in the late afternoon in southern California. According to the National Interagency Fire center, the fire remains active in southern California.

The high TERRA AOD values over Lake Michigan could be due to an advection fog described in the CIMSS satellite blog: “This fog formed as warm and relatively humid air moved across the cold waters of Lake Michigan”. This is confirmed by the MODIS TERRA RGB image over the area (bottom, right).

Posted by Meloe Kacenelenbogen at May 7, 2009 8:18 PM
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