April 10, 2010

Heavy smoke affecting air quality in the Great Lakes States and Canada

As Jamie noted yesterday, fires in the Plains states of Kansas and Missouri have created plumes of smoke that are moving northeastwardly. Today's MODIS east coast pass is now available and there is a plume across Lake Michigan over Chicago and will be moving into Ontario, Canada. I will be issuing a GALION warning for the lidars in Canada today. Ground concentrations of PM are elevated through Illinois and Michigan. The GASP loop shows the motion of the smoke. Unfortunately, the MODIS AOD KML doesn't seem to be prepared correctly on the IDEA site today. The AOD is thick enough that in Illinois, it is being mapped out as cloud on both MODIS and GASP.

Some blog users may not have seen the relatively new PM Estimation product that we have developed for IDEA. Built by Hai Zhang from his recent AWMA paper, we use regional regressions of PM to AOD to provide an improved estimator of the PM at the surface from the AOD from MODIS Terra and Aqua. Today's estimator is interesting because it fills in the gaps between the AIRNOW stations in the left panel above. This diagram shows the PM levels in the EPA Advisory colors.

Posted by Ray Hoff at April 10, 2010 3:39 PM
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