April 11, 2010

Record pollen-counts in US; Smoke persists over the Great Lakes region

After a record-breaking winter, it seems that we are headed again to set new records this spring. The pollen count has been reported to reach very high levels in many states across US. Apparently, the harsh winter is to blame because the cold temperatures delayed the pollination of many trees species this year and when the spring came bringing unusual high temperatures the trees went crazy.

So if your allergies are getting worse than ever, California seems to be the place to go according to the "Alergy Forecast" at Pollen.com (top, left).

A few reports scattered in the internet are worth taking a look at, specially for the images and videos: CNN and USA Today .

In terms of PM2.5, moderate to unhealthy (orange) levels were recorded in the Great Lakes States and also in a few states in the Midatlantic and Mississippi Valley regions. Oklahoma and Indiana were the states that experienced unhealthy (orange) levels of PM2.5. Levels in California stayed within the moderate range. (AIRNow PM2.5, top right). Ozone levels ranged from moderate to unhealthy (orange) in the Great Lakes, Midatlantic, Southeastern and Mississippi Valley states.

MODIS Aqua images show us today a few fires in Missouri and Kansas and a layer of smoke over the region (bottom, left), as also mentioned by Ray yesterday. HMS also reported this layer of smoke. AOD levels were higher over that same region (bottom, right).

Posted by Patricia Sawamura at April 11, 2010 11:59 PM
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