May 20, 2010

Good and Moderate air quality: Agricultural fires and smoke in US and Canada

Air quality conditions today over the country are mainly good and moderate. PM2.5, moderate levels were read mostly in the east regions. Unhealthy levels for sensitive groups were reached in California and Iowa (top left). Unhealthy levels for sensitive groups in of Ozone were reported in California, and unhealthy in Ohio (top right).
According to fires, National Interagency Fire Center today reported six large fires in Alaska, Arizona, Michigan, and New Mexico. Hazard Mapping System read smoke and aerosols in the US, Canada and Central America (bottom left). An area of thin smoke extended from South Dakota, Minnesota, and northern Wisconsin northward into southeast Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba before wrapping eastward across southwest Ontario (bottom right). A good bit of this smoke likely resulted from the numerous agricultural burns over the past few days over the Northern Plains.
A swath of aerosols, believed to be thin remnant smoke stretched from just north of Lake Ontario to just north of Maine in southeastern Quebec. This smoke may have originated from the fires in the Northern US Plains/southern part of Canada several days ago. Also, a small band of aerosols stretching along a frontal boundary over north Florida this morning is thought to be remnant smoke from regional fires yesterday. Finally, an area of aerosols of unknown origin and composition was seen in the western Gulf of Mexico along the southern Texas coast.

Posted by Daniel Orozco at May 20, 2010 11:45 PM
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