May 23, 2011

HMS Smoke over texas forecasted to head north

Today according to NOAA's HMS (Hazard Mapping System, below left), smoke is covering large portions of Texas and to the east across the Gulf of Mexico. This region stretches across Florida and into the Atlantic Ocean. Another large swath of smoke being detected by this system is in Canada. More specifically, in northern Saskatchewan and Alberta provinces there is smoke that is spreading north towards the Arctic Ocean beyond Alaska. Using NOAA's HYSPLIT model, the smoke near the Brownsville, Texas region has been forecasted to head north to Oklahoma over the next day. For reference, Brownsville is in the southern most portion of Texas. The color coding of the image below is described as Red being at 500m, Blue at 750m and Green at 1000m in terms of altitude being forecasted.

Another quantity to look for is levels of PM 2.5. Today, moderate (yellow) levels of PM 2.5 occurred throughout the Texas region (EPA AIRNow). Another area of moderate PM 2.5 was the southeast U.S. from Alabama to North Carolina. A third and final area worth mentioning is in southeast Pennsylvania where PM 2.5 was at moderate levels consistently during the day.

Posted by Kevin Majewski at May 23, 2011 9:12 PM
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