June 7, 2011

Power Difficulties at UMBC

Please stand by. At 3:00pm on June 7, the power failed again at UMBC and we are slowly bringing equipment back on line.

The smoke from the Arizona and New Mexico fires is pouring northeasterly up through Kansas and into the Great Lakes. You can expect your air quality to be affected if you are east of the Rockies. The composites below mix yesterday's satellite imagery with current (i.e. 8AM 6/8/11) met and PM data since we are late posting. But the story is probably the same as last night. We have high aerosol loads in much of the east with Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups in the mid-Atlantic. I have posted the wind situation in the prairies and the flow is such that the smoke should keep moving eastward or northeasterly giving some break to Colorado.

A very interesting image in the Terra overpass was seen over Lake Michigan. It may be low fog over the lake at 10:30AM but it looks like the land breeze circulation may have trapped smoke over the lake in the overnight hours. We will go back and look at the local PM readings for stations around the lake. On the right is the elevated Aerosol Optical Depth from the Bondville, Indiana, NOAA Cimel (AODs are 0.4-0.6).

Nationally, the AOD is elevated in a broad swath from Colorado to Ohio. The Bermuda High seems to be protecting the Southeast from the brunt of the smoke and it is being transported mostly to the Northeast. This will not help the mid-Atlantic's forecasted poor air quality day on Wednesday. The GASP animation from GOES-East is pretty spectacular today.

The lidar data for Egbert, Canada (left) and UMBC (right) shows elevated layers up to 9km. There is a curious cirrus signature in the Egbert data in the morning and evening that will need some validation.

Posted by Ray Hoff at June 7, 2011 11:59 AM

So glad to see the site is back up!

Posted by: Jill at June 9, 2011 12:07 AM
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