July 17, 2011

Smoke crossing Ontario and Quebec

There are multiple indications of a broad band of relatively dense smoke crossing northern Ontario and crossing into Quebec and the US Northeast. HMS identifies multiple fires from the AVHRR and GOES ABBA firecount products and smoke has been identified by the white outline. The Active Fire map at NESDIS allows zooming in on these fires and there are at least a dozen fires identified and three major sources of smoke plumes. I have overlaid the AQUA RGB from this afternoon with these fire detections in the right image below. The Blue Circle is the Pickle Lake Aeronet station and the Aeronet AOD's approached 2.0 today at 500 nm.

Both MODIS AOD and GASP AOD show this smoke moving eastward, although there is a cloud identified in the midst of this plume.

There is indication of some smoke this afternoon in Acadia University, Wolfville, NS, seen in the CORALNET station profile between 1-4 km. The smoke is relatively light so this must be the edge of the plume. There is an intense feature from 6-8 km and this could be smoke but needs to be confirmed. However, in Sherbrooke, Quebec, (left, below), it is clear we have smoke from the fires in the 1064 channel of CORALNET. Smoke is intense from 2-6km. Curiously, the USDA reported fires in Canada from INCIWEB shows no fires in Ontario at all and only the one fire on the Manitoba border. Clearly, the fires are underreported on the USDA site. The BORTAS experiment is currently running in Canada at this time and this should be an interesting event for them.

HMS has identified haze of "unknown origin" throughout the Great Lakes region. Ozone has gone into the orange (Unhealthy for Sensitive Group) levels in Buffalo, NY at 2:00 PM EST. That haze is likely to be pollution generated as the heat wave is moving through the region. Minneapolis had 104°F temperatures, yesterday.

Returning home tonight, there was a layer of what could be smoke off to the west of Baltimore. This brings back the old sailor's adage, Red Sky at night, Sailor's delight.

Posted by Ray Hoff at July 17, 2011 3:00 PM

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