July 28, 2011

Ozone, PM2.5 and unknown aerosol in Eastern US; Fires and smoke in the West

Today, the air quality was affected pretty much in the East US where PM2.5 and Ozone reached moderate and unhealthy for sensitive groups. Ozone levels started to increase after 2:00 PM eastern time in the Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes and Plains States (top left). The situation was similar for PM2.5. However PM2.5 levels kept for longer time (top left). PM2.5 and Ozone levels in California were moderate and unhealthy for sensitive groups as well.
Hazard Mapping Fire and Smoke Product continue to report fires and smoke from Quebec and Northern Canada. Light smoke presumably from wildfires in Siberia was detected in the Pacific Northwest and Northern part of the Rocky Mountain States during the morning. Lion wildfire in California continues to produce heavy smoke moving Northward (middle left).
Aerosol with unknown composition or origin is present over the central Mid-Atlantic region in the vicinity of the Carolinas. This area likely contains urban pollution with a small component of smoke. MODIS Terra detected high AOD levels during the Mid-Atlantic region where the unknown Aerosol is been present (middle right). Lidar observation at UMBC detected a strong stratified layer of aerosol aloft after 17:00 UTC (bottom).

Posted by Daniel Orozco at July 28, 2011 11:33 PM
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