April 9, 2012

Very Unhealthy PM2.5 AQI in Northern Florida; Brush fires blazing in eastern Long Island

Numerous fires across the southeast and northern Florida continue to burn, exacerbating air quality in the region. Extreme north/northeast portions of Florida, including the southeastern corner of Georgia, experienced Code Red (Unhealthy) PM2.5 AQI today with a small area reaching Code Purple (Very Unhealthy) for a short period around morning rush hour (bottom left, courtesy AIRNow). The HMS analysis team reported remnant smoke suspected to have originated from these large fires across the Gulf of Mexico and along the peninsula's west and east coasts, however today's MODIS Terra RGB image superimposed with AOD reveals the most significant regions of elevated AOD over southeastern Louisiana and the water (bottom right).

North and south California experienced Code Yellow (Moderate) PM2.5 today, as well as western Oklahoma, eastern Texas and several southeast states (bottom left, courtesy AIRNow). Low humidity and gusty winds are being blamed for serious brush fires spreading this evening across portions of eastern Long Island, New York as hundred of firefighters work to control the flames (bottom right, courtesy 1010 WINS). The dry weather pattern is also being blamed for several wildfires developing across the Mid-Atlantic today and the HMS analysis team reported smoke plumes from these fires moving east.
Posted by Alexandra St Pe at April 9, 2012 11:42 PM
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