May 3, 2012

Fires, dust and moderate PM2.5 today in the US

AirNow moderate PM2.5 levels were reached over different states in the eastern US. The Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic and some stations of Mississippi Valley were the regions were moderate levels were read (top left). California also reached moderate levels. In terms of smoke, light to moderate aerosols can be seen off the North Carolina coast. This is likely remnant smoke from fires that were present in the Carolinas last evening (top right). Also, an area of aerosols seen over much of the Gulf of Mexico, however the best signature is present over the western Gulf. This is an area of remnant smoke from numerous wildfires in southern Mexico that have been occurring for the past several days.
Continuing with the report in central America/Texas region two separate areas of thin-density blowing dust were visible in satellite imagery. The first area of blowing dust originates in the White Sands, New Mexico and extends to the northeast towards the Texas panhandle. The second area of blowing dust is originating from northern Chihuahua, Mexico and extends to the northeast into extreme western Texas and southern New Mexico. AOD retrievals by MODIS reveal high AOD levels over Texas and Mexico (bottom left). However, Aerosol Monterrey Modeling NRL reported smoke over Mexico and Texas instead of dust (bottom right). Asian dust was read in Canada and Sulfate in the Mid-Atlantic region by the same modeling.

Posted by Daniel Orozco at May 3, 2012 9:35 PM
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