May 15, 2012

Large Smoke Continues to Move Across Country

The first image below, courtesy NOAA HMS, shows the fire locations across the United States. The red dots correspond to active fires, and the grey areas are plumes. There is still a very large plume covering most of the country, as mentioned in Alex's post yesterday. Strong low level cloud coverage made ground based measurements difficult, so this post will be mainly based on satellite measurements and retrievals. The next image, the GOES AOD, shows this large plume sweeping across northern Texas and another plume spreading upwards from North Dakota into Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The animation below shows the EPA AIRNOW AQI values for the Southwest region. There was a stretch of code oranges and yellows throughout this region for mostly ozone. The next image, taken from the LANCE Webmapping Service, shows the combination of MODIS AOD retrieval and the AIRS Dust Score. You can see that AIRS is picking up a strong portion of dust across the midwest and northern California/Nevada.

Posted by John Sullivan at May 15, 2012 5:16 PM
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