August 16, 2012

Large amounts of smoke from fires in the West

AirNow reported moderate PM2.5 concentrations in eastern US and unhealthy levels for sensitive groups in the west due to the fires (top left). Ozone levels were good in the morning and later in the afternoon moderate concentrations were reached in the Lakes region. Several fires continue taking place in the US and their smoke has covered a huge portion of the nation as well as part of Canada (top right).
According to HMS, dense smoke was visible stretching from the West Coast to the Great Lakes region. Dense smoke covered Kansas/southeast Nebraska/northern Arkansas/southern Iowa, while moderately-dense smoke extended from the Oregon/Pacific Ocean through Idaho/Wyoming/Utah/Colorado across the central plains and into Indiana. The majority of this remnant smoke can be attributed to the wildfires located in the northwestern states that continue to shed immense amounts of smoke. Furthermore, light-density smoke was visible across most of the US, including southern Mississippi Delta up to the Great Lakes, due to strong westerly flow behind the potent cold frontal system in the Ohio Valley. In particular, Earth Observatory posted a couple the images captured by MODIS on Aqua showing the smoke and fires in the west that have been taking place this week(middle). High AOD levels were also detected my MODIS from the west to the central plains due to the smoke from the fires reported (bottom).

Posted by Daniel Orozco at August 16, 2012 11:32 PM
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