October 28, 2012

Weekend Edition: Almost nothing unusual in terms of air quality, except Sandy

We have not posted much on air quality this weekend as there really aren't any significant problems to report. Air quality is good everywhere except in the San Joaquin Valley where some moderate conditions exist in the Bakersfield area. The big, big story is Hurricane Sandy which is now approaching the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states. The forecast for Maryland is 4-8 inches of rain in the Baltimore area so we are likely to be dealing with flooding for several days. The height of the storm in our area will be Monday night and into Tuesday. We will not be posting details on the storm since our "sister blog" the UMBC Storm Page has been following the storm. We encourage you to follow their postings.

We will put up two interesting images. On the left, India is socked in with air pollution in the north up against the Himalayas. On the right, China is also covered with haze and there is an interesting "notch" of cleaner air south of Beijing.

On November 1, we were planning to hold our annual Air Quality Proving Ground workshop. Unfortunately, it is too risky to ask participants to fly into Baltimore over the next few days. We are cancelling the November 1 workshop and will reschedule it sometime in the Spring of 2013. We are sorry for the disruption but safety takes precedence here.

Finally, it must be ski season coming on as Tahoe looks to be framed in snow.

Posted by Ray Hoff at October 28, 2012 10:14 PM
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