November 3, 2012

Weekend edition: Fires in the southeast aggravate air quality; Moderate haze in California and British Columbia

Patricia noted yesterday that there is moderate to poor air quality in British Columbia but we cannot see through the clouds there to see what is going on. In the US southeast, a number of fires are sending plumes southeast (AL-GA on the left and GA on the right, 250 m resolution Terra-MODIS and this is increasing the particulate loading into the moderate level (see AIRNOW map below). In California, webcams like the one in Redding today are useful for seeing the haze that is affecting the Central Valley of California.

On Saturday afternoon, haze thickened in the San Joaquin Valley near Bakersfield (left, below). This is the area that DISCOVER-AQ will focus on in January and February and the intent is to get optical data from the ground and aircraft to compare with these satellite images.

And to finish, ECMWF is forecasting a significant nor'easter next Thursday. I'll be off to Boulder tomorrow but will be flying back on Thursday. I guess I will find out first hand if there really is 90 mile per hour winds at 850 mb.

Posted by Ray Hoff at November 3, 2012 3:18 PM
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