November 26, 2012

PM2.5 Code Orange in San Joaquin Valley; Moderate concentrations in the East

The hazy conditions observed by Ray yesterday in the San Joaquin Valley, CA persisted today. Moderate to unhealthy levels (for sensitive groups) of PM2.5 continued to be observed (top, left) as well as elevated concentrations of NO2 (top, right).

Moderate levels of PM2.5 were also observed in other states in the Pacific Northwest region and also in the eastern portion of the US. In particular, the moderate levels of PM2.5 observed in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions correlate to the high concentration of NO2 observed by OMI satellite today.

Fires continued to be reported in the Southeast (MODIS Aqua - left). Despite the fact that the AOD values in that region remained relatively low (MODIS Aqua - right), it is possible that the smoke could have been a factor in the moderate levels of PM2.5 observed in that region today.

Posted by Patricia Sawamura at November 26, 2012 8:09 PM
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