December 16, 2012

Weekend edition: Spots of moderate PM air quality in PA, KY, CA

We are at a time of year where satellite retrievals of particulate information is limited because of winter cloud cover and snow cover on the ground. A good example was Saturday's composite RGB over Maryland (below) left. Not only did the swath not cover MD for Terra (shown), by the afternoon pass, cloud covered the entire region. The location of Maryland sites with moderately elevated PM readings is shown in the right panel. Maryland's Department of Environment sites have had moderately elevated PM for days due to stagnant air flow.

Sunday morning's national AQI map shows these pockets of moderate AQI. There is also a single location of elevated PM in Pike, Kentucky. Extremely high levels of PM2.5 (below right) were seen overnight at Pike and we have no information on what may have happened there. There is the possibility that this is wood smoke. It is clearly limited to a single station in Kentucky.

Posted by Ray Hoff at December 16, 2012 11:32 AM
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