December 18, 2012

Small concentrations of fires in Florida and Louisiana. Dust blowing in West TX.

The first image below, courtesy NOAA HMS, shows the fire locations across the United States. The red dots correspond to active fires, and the grey areas are plumes. There are very light plumes in the Southeast region. These fires have been burning steadily for the past few days. Most of these patches of fires in the Mississippi Valley and Florida. The image below, courtesy GASP MODIS (Terra satellite), shows the AOD image for the country today. You can see that most of these raised values correspond to more optically thick areas, which correspond to the fires and smoke debris throughout the nation. You can see raised values off the western coast of Florida that may be due to the concentration of fires in the center of the panhandle or aerosols that are moving across the gulf and reaching Florida.

The first two images below are NOAA Air Quality forecasts for dust (1 hr surface ug/m3) and smoke (1 hr surface dust ug/m3). The dust image shows a strong dust event occurring in western Texas/Oklahoma and has some smoke moving in the Gulf of Mexico towards Florida. The smoke image shows a strong plume moving from southern Louisiana and crossing the Gulf of Mexico, reaching Florida.Additionally, below these models, there is the GEOS-5 chemistry model that shows an elevated region of AOD moving across the Gulf of Mexico. Although MODIS did pick out some of these aerosols, if the models are correct, there may be some unhealthy air quality conditions affecting the Mississippi valley in the next few days.

Posted by John Sullivan at December 18, 2012 8:58 PM
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