December 23, 2012

Weekend edition: Merry Christmas and the air quality across the country is good!

Saturday and Sunday show that there are few sources of pollution affecting air quality across the country and the air quality is generally in the green (good) range (see below left). A band of moderate air quality for PM is seen in Iowa, Southern Wisconsin, and Illinois. An isolated station here and there has more elevated particulate pollution (in Idaho and California/Arizona along the border). For Idaho, this is likely to be wood smoke related and in California/Arizona, we saw the reports of dust from Friday. Saturday's AIRS dust retrieval product does show some elevated dust estimation over the high desert east of Los Angeles (below). The ECMWF MACC forecast from Saturday shows that there should be almost nowhere over North America with elevated Aerosol Optical Depth (right)

And in a wintertime picture which is pretty enough to put on your window for Christmas, the Grand Canyon really stands out in the 250m resolution AQUA MODIS image from this afternoon:

Posted by Ray Hoff at December 23, 2012 12:15 PM
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