January 3, 2013

Special Feature: We have a new contributor and he's out of this world

If you haven't been following Commander Chris Hadfield's twitter feed (@cmdr_hadfield), you are missing out on the wonderful imagery that he is sending down from the International Space Station. His images from the ISS are taken with two different Nikon cameras (a D2 and a D3) with high resolution. And even better for the Smog Blog, he is doing the targeting of his imagery. I asked the Canadian Space Agency (ASC-CSA) today if we could use the images he sends down, and we have received permission as long as a photo credit is given. Here is an image today of wildfires in Australia.

Another image shows Edwards Air Force base where NASA will be flying for the DISCOVER-AQ mission and on the left, you can see the fog and haze which shrouds the San Joaquin Valley this time of year. This is what we will be studying over the next two months!

Photo Credit: Chris Hadfield and NASA

Photo Credit: Chris Hadfield and NASA We are naming Chris as our honorary "foreign correspondent" for 2013 and welcome images he sends down from the ISS! Posted by Ray Hoff at January 3, 2013 2:20 PM
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