January 9, 2013

Air Quality in Utah Continues to be Unhealthy; Australian fire images from ISS

Poor air quality was experienced once again in Utah. The EPA Airnow animation shows that PM2.5 concentrations reached Code Red (Unhealthy) AQI levels. Only one monitoring station (Hurricane) reported good air quality. Concentrations fluctuated between 11 to 86 ug/m3 throughout the day.

The bottom left image is the of the latest sent by Commander Chris Hadfield's twitter feed (@cmdr_hadfield) from the International Space Station. The images feature flames and smoke from Australian bushfires. According to BBC News Asia, more than 100 separate fires are burning in New South Wales, over some 3,000 sq km of land. To make matters worse, Australia is experiencing a severe heatwave. Forecasts do not show signs of relief in sight, as indicated in the latest press release from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology. Temperature records have been broken in the past two days, with daily average temperatures of 104 degrees Fahrenheit reported.

Posted by Ruben Delgado at January 9, 2013 11:59 PM
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