January 24, 2013

Unhealthy PM2.5 levels in Utah continue: Fires and Smoke in Southeast

Today, unhealthy levels persist in Salt Lake and northern Utah due to the strong temperature inversions reported here since last week (top left). As for the rest of the Country, moderate levels were detected in the Mid- Atlantic, Pacific Northwest Regions and California where unhealthy levels for sensitive groups were reached (top right). Florida on the other hand, experienced moderate PM2.5 levels associated with smoke due to several fires taking place on Tate's Hell State Forest along the Franklin/Liberty county line. In addition, a plume of light smoke can be seen moving W along 26N north of the Dry Tortugas reaching near 84W. This smoke likely emanated from a fire along the Monroe/Collier county line in the Big Cypress Nat'l Preserve likely due south of Monroe Center (bottom left). As well as in Florida, several fires were also detected in Georgia leading high AOD levels in the region as retrieved by Modis observations (bottom right)

Posted by Daniel Orozco at January 24, 2013 11:24 PM
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