February 23, 2013

Weekend Edition: Code Green across the US

It is a pleasure to report that only a few locations in the US have even moderate levels of PM today and none are in exceedence for ozone. There was one report of Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups with a 102 AQI indication in Nipomo CA and that is a sensor that is placed in that area to record dust which eminates from sand dunes in that coastal location. A few cities in the midwest show a moderate AQI along the Missouri River Valley, but those locations are still digging out from yesterday's snow storm, so the ground is white, white, white.

Our roving correspondent, Astronaut Chris Hadfield, sent the picture below of Typhoon which is hitting Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The twitter image is remarkable.

Photo credit: Chris Hadfield, CSA-ASC and NASA

Update: February 23, 2013 9:00 EST

Well, it had to be too good to hold up. Late this afternoon, dust kicked up in El Paso Texas putting the city into the Code Red levels with over 100 µg m-3 levels. The Frank Macias Elementary School webcam from Weatherbug is on the link.

Even the water tower is not visible this afternoon so the visual range must be a few hundred feet.

Posted by Ray Hoff at February 23, 2013 9:49 PM
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