December 6, 2013

Cloud cover hinders air quality data today; low AQIs across US

Looking at the NOAA HMS Smoke and Fire Product (top left), the small red dots indicate some small fires along the West Coast and Florida. There are no noticeable smoke plumes corresponding to this, and the cloud cover over the majority of the United States prohibits most AOD data for today. In terms of ground-based data, the EPA AIRNow AQI loop (bottom left) shows Code Yellow AQIs on the West Coast and some of the Northeast, but most of those areas dissipated over the day, as the current high AQI is in Reno-Sparks, NV with 83 (North Pole, AK had a Code Yellow of 73.)

Even with the cloud cover, the air quality today seems to have bettered for the start of the weekend as compared to earlier in the week. The NRL NAAPS Aerosol model for sulfates (bottom left) has projected elevated surface SOx concentration on the East Coast, although the total column for optical depth has no significant increases over the entire United States (bottom right).

Posted by Graham Antoszewski at December 6, 2013 7:21 PM
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