January 10, 2014

Elevated AQIs in Northeast, Great Lakes, and West Coast

The EPA AIRNow combined AQI loop (top left) details moderate, USG, and even some unhealthy AQIs across the Great Lakes, the Northeast, in the wake of the polar vortex system that has been affecting us for the last few days. While the high AQI currently is in Newark, NJ (154), Metro Riverside County, CA is also experiencing an AQI of 152. California has experienced elevated AQIs as well today, and the MODIS Terra AOD image (top right) illustrates higher AOD levels in this area, although much of the rest of the satellite image is unavailable due to cloud cover.

The Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park webcam (bottom left) as of 4:15 EST depicts the type of decreased visibility being seen in Southern California. To compare, the dual image to the right shows how today's photo matches up more with a bad visibility day. Remnant precipitation could contribute to this, although no precipitation had been recorded within an hour of the photo being taken. The increased AQI and AOD in the corresponding area, however, could signal the poor air quality to be at fault for the poor visibility.

Posted by Graham Antoszewski at January 10, 2014 6:11 PM
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