January 12, 2014

Weekend Edition: Dusty in the Southwest and South

This weekend is governed by lots of water in the Northeast will flood warnings still out for Maine. By Sunday morning the precipitation had moved out of the midAtlantic and was offshore after leaving more than an inch of rain in most locations. In California, however, both PM and NO2 were high on Saturday and for different reasons. Flow along the California Mexico border was southerly, raising elevated winds and dust in Southern California and Arizona. That dust does not show on the AIRS dust mask which shows that either the dust must be higher in altitude or denser in concentration for AIRS to see it.

Overlay from Worldview: AQUA MODIS base layer with AIRS Dust Score superimposed (right).

NOAA is forecasting high winds from Albuquerque through to east Texas today and the warnings (left) show the region where dust is expected. On the right is the overlay of winds for the Albuquerque region. At this time, I really would like to get that VIIRS dust product for Sunday....

GASP shows that there was elevated Aerosol Index (AI) in Saturday's image and generated a swirl of trajectories at 850 mb (~1.5 km) from the line through Texas. It is possible that this will contribute to the dust kick up today. There is not much but a weak trough running down the Rockies to contribute to the winds in this area (surface analysis, right)

OMI's NO2 tropospheric column was elevated over Los Angeles Saturday to complete the plague of air quality issues in the southwest.

Posted by Ray Hoff at January 12, 2014 7:56 AM
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