February 3, 2014

Elevated NO2 in the Great Lakes Region. North Pole, AK has highest AQI in US

The first image, courtesy EPA AIRNOW, shows the AQI values for the Great lakes region, which reached code red values at the surface due to PM 2.5. The next image, courtesy OMI NRT, shows the retrieved NO2 column for the troposphere. This image shows a large amount of NO2 in this same region as the elevated AQI values. This enhancement in column NO2 shows a correlation with the increase in PM 2.5 at the surface.

The first image, courtesy AIRNOWTECH, shows the surface PM 2.5 values for all of the ground stations in Alaska. The North Pole site has the current highest AQI value near 200, which is due to surface values near 200 ug/m3. The following image shows the CALIPSO overpass near the site which shows some aerosol influence in the first5 kilometers, especially near the surface.

Posted by John Sullivan at February 3, 2014 3:40 PM
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