February 14, 2014

Lovely air quality for Valentine's Day

Looking at the NOAA HMS Fire and Smoke Product (top left), the red dots indicate a clump of fires in the Southeast, particularly Florida. No smoke plumes were seen corresponding to these fires, however, and cloud cover continues to not allow good AOD satellite images across the United States. The EPA AIRNow combined AQI loop (top right) shows moderate AQIs in the Great Lakes, which is to be expected with the week's snow/ice storm, and even some USG in Southern California. But overall, air quality is good across the US, even if the weather is not.

The only peculiar portion of the AIRNow loop is around the station with the highest AQI throughout the day, Raymond, WA. Currently, the AQI is 322, putting them in the Hazardous AQI category. The AQI loop around Raymond (bottom left) implies that this is the only station in the area with such high values, and the PM2.5 and ozone data are not available from the station for today. Looking at Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park (bottom right, 2:15 PST), while it does not look clear, the air quality looks better than the AQI details. The station may be getting weird values as a result of the persisting rain in the region interacting with instruments.

Posted by Graham Antoszewski at February 14, 2014 5:27 PM

Wow lovely information and the great thing is you have related this post's heading with Valentine Day!! Keep it up, you guys are doing a great work..Thanks again!!

Posted by: Scott Hanselman at February 17, 2014 2:45 AM
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