February 15, 2014

Weekend Edition: Code Orange in San Joaquin Valley, Washington, and Pennsylvania; Kelut Volcano Images

In the San Joaquin Valley, the elevated AQI is seen in the middle valley at the Huron Air Quality station where nearly 80 µg m-3 readings were seen. Another fine day in the California Central Valley where drought continues to provide clear but warm weather, with daytime temperatures into the 70F range. There is no wind to speak of so the pollution just gets stuck in the valley.

There is elevated PM again in Pennsylvania reaching nearly 100 µg m-3 in Erie PA. The PM is also elevated in Lebanon PA.

In international news, the Kelud (or Kelut in English) Volcano in Indonesia went off this week and Mark Ruminski has pointed out the CIMSS Satellite Blog which covered the event. The ash plume has been reported to an altitude of 45,000' (15 km). There is no quicklook data from CALIPSO yet. However, the OMI SO2 plume is extensive and is showing up in multiple overpasses of the Ozone Monitoring Instrument's Sulfur Dioxide channels

Update: Feb 16, 2014 16:00 EST

Air quality in the US is better today. There are still two areas in California that are in the code orange range. One is the Southern San Joaquin Valley which again is no surprise. The second area is right at the US border with Mexico. That is dominated by a sensor near Calixico California, and is under high cloud. This area has both dust and anthropogenic air pollution from cites across the Mexican border. On the right below, we can start to follow the SO2 plume from the Kelud Volcanic eruption on Thursday as it heads west. The NASA Earth Observatory has a wonderful enlarged early image from CALIPSO showing the plume reached three layers as high as 26 km. Air traffic in the Indian Ocean is being disrupted.

Posted by Ray Hoff at February 15, 2014 6:11 PM
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