February 25, 2014

Fires in the Southeast. Elevated AOD over land and the Gulf of Mexico.

The first image below, courtesy NOAA HMS, shows the fire locations across the United States. The red dots correspond to active fires, and the grey areas are plumes. The major concentration of fires is in the Southeast region, specifically in Florida and the surrounding states. Additionally, there are sparse fires in the Midwest region, Texas and fires in the Pacific Northwest. Although there is a large concentration of fires in Florida, there is little smoke being picked up by HMS. The next image shows the retrieved AOD image for the day, courtesy MODIS Terra. The image shows anincrease in AOD in the Southeast region which is most likely due to the fires that region or elevated sulfates. There are also elevated AOD values in Oklahoma and Central California.

The first image below, courtesy GEOS-Chem, shows the modeled AOD for the country for today. This shows an increase in the AOD in the Southeast region, specifically over the Gulf of Mexico. Beside that is the another model of the aerosol impact on the U.S., courtesy NAAPS. This also shows an elevated amount of sulfates and smoke activity in the Southeast U.S.

Posted by John Sullivan at February 25, 2014 11:13 PM
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