March 10, 2014

Code Red PM2.5 in Georgia; Plethora of fires in southeast

Widespread Code Yellow (Moderate) PM2.5 were observed impacting Great Lakes, Plain States, Mississippi River Valley, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast states today (top left). The worst conditions were recorded just east of Atlanta, Georgia which reached Code Red, Unhealthy, levels. The elevated PM2.5 there is likely due to the superabundance of fires throughout the southeast (top right). In addition, the HMS analysis team reported a plethora of smoke plumes associated with these fires, including a large swath offshore the Carolinas. Rapid Response MODIS snapshots from the Lance satellite showed several billows of smoke emanating from fires in Mississippi and Alabama (bottom left). However, despite the smoke signatures, there was no indication of elevated aerosol optical depth in this area today (bottom right).

Posted by Alexandra St Pe at March 10, 2014 10:30 PM
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