April 8, 2014

Fires in the Great Lakes Region raises AOD. Dust [PM10] blowing in Arizona.

The first image, courtesy NOAA HMS, shows the widespread fire and smoke activity in the Great Lakes and Plains regions of the U.S. These fires are mostly concentrated within these regions and a light smoke plume can be seen in Oklahoma. Although smoke plumes appear to be fairly light near most of these fires, the next image, courtesy MODIS Aqua, shows an elevated AOD in the concentrated fire areas. Specifically, between Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan, there is an extremely elevated region of AOD.

The animation below, courtesy EPA AIRNow, shows the forecasted AQI values for the Southwest region of the country for today, with emphasis on Arizona. Although it does not show a large increase in AQI, the forecasts for the next few days show increased PM10, which is most likely due to blowing dust in the region. A high pressure system resting over the Southwest will continue to dry out the surface and will elevate weekday dust blowing, which will increase PM10 levels.

Posted by John Sullivan at April 8, 2014 6:39 PM
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