April 24, 2014

Dust in the Gulf of Texas; Good AQI

Good air quality was experienced today in the US. Scattered moderate levels were measured mostly in the eastern states and also in southern California (top left). Moderate ozone levels were reached in the Mississippi Valley for short time in the afternoon. HMS reported an area of light to moderate smoke, likely mixed with sulfates from oil rigs seen over the Bay of Campeche in the southwest Gulf of Mexico. This area was generally lifting to the north (top left). In addition, an unusually large and strong area of blowing dust was noted over the region for the early morning hours. Strong winds with gusts in excess of 40mph overnight and early this morning have generated a large area of moderately dense to dense dust which stretched in an arc from southwest Oklahoma through the southern portion of the Texas Panhandle and into east central New Mexico near sunrise. The dust was quickly moving to the south and had reached far southeast New Mexico to San Angelo to the Fort Worth area.HMS also indicated that an area of light aerosol was noted extending east from the Georgia, northern Florida and southern South Carolina coasts into the Atlantic. The composition is not certain but is likely a mix of smoke from recent agricultural fires, long range dust transport from Asia and sulfates. Some of the dust was retrieved by MODIS trough Aerosol Optical Depth product over the aforementioned areas.

Posted by Daniel Orozco at April 24, 2014 10:43 PM
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