May 24, 2014

Weekend Edition: Moderate AQI in the Southeast and in Southern California

The consistent widespread moderate particulate AQI in the US southeast dissipated on Saturday afternoon and now only Georgia and Florida remain in the code yellow AQI area. In Southern California, moderate AQI is seen over much the southern state. Ozone AQI's remain green all across the US which is very good considering that we are approaching Memorial Day.

The GASP AOD loop this afternoon shows some elevated AOD in the southeast but the really interesting feature happens on the last daylight image of GASP. For about three frames, there is a streamer of AOD coming down through Lake Ontario from Canada into Pennsylvania. It is likely that this is the same stratospheric streamer of smoke from a pyroCb in Russia that blew up a week ago. Scott Bachmeier showed the same streamer on the 21st over Alaska and it appears to be maintaining this remarkable coherence. It was seen a 10-12 km over Siberia in Calipso cross-sections


Update: Sunday May 25, 2014

Moderate AQI spread into the Great Lakes region (below, left). In the South, the moderate PM AQI built back up on Sunday. In Indianapolis, one downtown station is showing elevated PM of 180 µg m-3.

In the north, smoke is reported by the Hazard Mapping System from Alaska westward across Alberta, Saskatchewan and into Manitoba.

Posted by Ray Hoff at May 24, 2014 11:11 PM
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