June 3, 2014


The first image, courtesy NOAA HMS, shows the widespread fire and smoke activity in the Plains region of the U.S, stretching from southern Indiana to Nebraska. The fires and smoke in Mexico do not appear to be making it to the U.S. yet. These fires are mostly concentrated within south and east of the Plain's smoke plume. There are also fires in Northern CA and Oregon. Although smoke plumes appear to be fairly light near most of these fires, the next image, courtesy MODIS Aqua, shows an elevated AOD in the concentrated fire areas. Specifically, between Nevada and Oregon, there is an elevated region of AOD.

The forecast below, courtesy EPA AIRNow, shows the forecasted AQI values for California for the country for today. There has been continue moderate AQI values for southern California due to urban aerosols and most likely northern California due to wildfire activity.
The next image, courtesy NAAPs, shows the most smoke activity in the Pacific Southwest U.S. The dust may be affecting eastern Montana in the next few days. Sulfates may also be causing a moderate AQI in Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

Posted by John Sullivan at June 3, 2014 10:05 PM
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