June 4, 2014

Canada and Mexico: Smoke North and South of the Border

Smoke originating from the Funny River fire in the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska from nearly a week ago is currently located over a bulk of boreal Ontario, bounded by the extreme northeast tip of Manitoba to southern Hudson Bay, James Bay, and upper peninsula of Michigan (top left MODIS Aqua true color image). According to NOAA HMS (smoke product Google Earth overlay, top right image) the northern portion of the smoke is moving east across northern Ontario, while the southern portion is moving across Lake Superior into Michigan and southeast Ontario. The smoke is the cause of the high AOD values recorded over this region (bottom left image, AOD overlay courtesy of NOAA IDEA).South of the US border, along the western coast of Mexico, smoke (bottom right image) is the source as well of the high AOD values over this region.

Posted by Ruben Delgado at June 4, 2014 11:02 PM
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