June 7, 2014

Weekend Edition: Elevated ozone in Southern California; New Fire near Bend Oregon

The Ozone AQI loop shows a wide area of elevated ozone in southern California, Nevada and Arizona. The orange Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups contours are larger on Saturday than they were in Friday's posting. Areas of Code Orange are being seen as well in the Great Lakes States, centered on Michigan. In the Northwest, a fire has popped up near Bend Oregon and was seen in the NOAA-15 and NOAA-18 polar orbiting environmental satellites (POES) imagery (thanks to Rene Servranckx of Environment Canada for sending along the link).

The Forest Service Air crews took a photograph of the Bend fire which was published in the Oregonian newspaper.

And in an unrelated image from MODIS, the winds around the Isla de Guadaloupe off Baja California is throwing off von Karman vortices.

Photo credit (left) Jim Hansen, Photo Service Air Attack

Update: June 8, 2014 22:00 EST

Air quality continues to degrade across the US. The fire near Bend Oregon is throwing smoke southeast into California and Nevada. The GOES-15 loop in the visible shows the movement of the smoke. Concentrate on looking at west central Oregon. The PM Airnow loop today shows that the PM continues to be high as well in California, the Great Lakes region and in South Texas. We thank Ellen for pointing out that they are getting Saharan dust in Texas. Unfortunately, we don't have access to CALIPSO's lidar curtains as the Langley DAAC is undergoing maintenance until June 9.

Finally, ozone in LA is really cooking now. On Sunday afternoon, levels approaching 110 ppb have been seen in Glendora and San Bernadino.

Posted by Ray Hoff at June 7, 2014 11:19 PM
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