June 19, 2014

Southern California AQIs reach Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups

The Google Earth image below left shows the today's MODIS image overlaid with observed air quality index values from the EPA AirNow project. This indicates areas of Moderate AQI in the Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, Mississippi Valley, Southeast, and Pacific Southwest regions, with areas of the Southeast and Pacific Southwest reaching Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups. OMI NO2 imagery, below right, shows elevated levels of tropospheric NO2 over southern California, as well as moderately elevated levels in the Great Lakes and Northeast regions, which might contribute to the sub-optimal AQIs in these areas.
The EPA AirNow peak ozone map, below left, shows a large area of Moderate ozone in southern California, with areas at Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups in the same area and in Georgia, suggesting that as a cause for the poor air quality in those areas. The webcam image from Joshua Tree National Park, below right, supports the EPA data, showing a largely obscured far ridge line and blurred hills nearby. The links for the National Park Service webcams, including this one, are in the right sidebar.
Posted by Daniel Orozco at June 19, 2014 11:59 PM
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