June 21, 2014

Weekend Edition: Dust pours into Texas and Smoke comes south from Canada

The US is importing haze today. The smoke from Alberta in Canada continues to come south across Ontario and Quebec. It is streaming offshore and is not a major air quality issue. In the South, however, there is a dense haze mass in the Caribbean which is visible in the RGB image from MODIS (below left) and VIIRS' Aerosol Optical Depth (below right). Below that those images, the GASP loop also shows highly elevated AOD over the Caribbean. Sadly, Langley Research Center's ASDC is struggling with updating Calipso images.

Ozone continues to hit the code orange levels in Southern California. The highest ozone reading on Saturday was 90 ppb in San Bernadino.

Posted by Ray Hoff at June 21, 2014 11:25 PM
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