July 4, 2014

Predominantly good air quality for fireworks tonight!

Looking at the NOAA HMS Smoke and Fire Product (top left), the clumps of small red dots indicate masses of currently burning fires, with smoke plumes being indicated by the grey patches. The Great Slave Lake wildfires continue to emanate smoke, with the remnant plume reaching as far east as Ohio and as far south as Oklahoma. The MODIS Terra image (top right) sees some areas of elevated AOD in the area of the plume as well as the Southwest and off of the coast of the Northeast.

The EPA AIRNow combined AQI loop (bottom left), however, illustrates good AQIs over much of the US with moderate AQIs over portions of the United States such as southern California, Texas, and the Mississippi River delta. The current high AQI is in Central Los Angeles County, CA (95), and it seems that many fireworks will be helped by clean skies tonight (with the exception of potential rainouts, as it is the possible case here in Boulder, Colorado). The NAAPS aerosol model's total optical depth forecast for 1800 UTC (bottom right) predicts increased dust to affect AOD in the Southwest and a small region off of the coast of the Northeast, coinciding with the satellite data given by MODIS Terra. Particularly in the Southwest, this could be traveling Saharan dust that has been affecting areas of the South in previous days.

Posted by Graham Antoszewski at July 4, 2014 6:35 PM
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