August 9, 2014

Weekend Edition: Wrapping up DISCOVER-AQ

The DISCOVER-AQ project will fly its last sortie on Sunday and wrap up this five-year project as the data is analysed over the next 12 months. Denver was remarkably clear of aerosols during this phase of the project as there was monsoonal flow from the Pacific throughout the project. A couple of days of the project were in exceedance for ozone concentrations and those should be interesting to look at.

In the East, smoke continues to pour out of Canada and today it is streaming across the mid-Atlantic (left image from GASP). On the right is the lidar image send by Yonghua Wu from City College of New York from their lidar system yesterday. That system is part of the CREST Lidar Network.

The AERONET Station at UMBC is on the blink at the moment so I will post our colleague Brent Holben's results from Goddard Space Flight Center which shows high aerosol optical depth for several days now. It is over 0.5 in the green wavelengths on Saturday.

In a case of similar good planning, the UMBC MPL lidar is stationed in Golden Colorado today so we will use Judd Welton's MPL at GSFC to show the plume from Canada:

A final comparison shows on the left the haze camera at Frostburg MD on Saturday and on the right on a clear day:

Yesterday's CALIPSO pass caught the smoke over the mid-Atlantic (near 39N) as well as a major dust event in the Caribbean near Cuba (below):

Posted by Ray Hoff at August 9, 2014 4:09 PM
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