August 17, 2014

Weekend Edition: The Summer of Smoke Continues

We have been posting on the Smog Blog for almost 10 years now (September 2014) will be our tenth anniversary. We don't recall such a consistently smoky summer. We had years with major smoke events (like the Quebec fires of 2002) that impacted the US, but never continuous smoke coverage over the US and Canada. Fires in the Yukon have been burning nearly continuously since May. This week a major fire in British Columbia continues to pour smoke into the US. On Graham's post yesterday, the streamer of smoke could be seen going out to the Atlantic over the Mid-Atlantic states and we did see that high altitude smoke on the GSFC MPL lidar on Saturday. The NRL MMM forecast of smoke shows that it dominates the continent.

We had to wait until quite late on the 16th to get the full US RGB image from AQUA MODIS on the Worldview site. The smoke plume from BC is seen streaming across Canada and will probably head eastward instead of southward into the US, giving some relief from this major smoke event. In California and Oregon, however, fires continue to burn and smoke can be seen heading across Idaho.

The fires in British Columbia have produced an impressive smoke plume in the Sunday imagery, heading towards Hudson's Bay.

Posted by Ray Hoff at August 17, 2014 10:29 AM
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